Looking for a friendly robot mascot design for our microfinance app! | concours de Personnage ou mascotte

We are a fintech start up company providing end to end digital microfinance loans to the underserved population subjected to loan sharks in Thailand. We aim to enable our customers to become more knowledgeable through gamified courses. Our brand MULA is a play on words with two meanings – American slang for money (moolah) and in Malay language means “new beginning”

Quelles sont vos idées ?

We would like a mascot that can be used as the face of our chatbot and teacher in our in-app learning modules. Our vision is that it will be a friendly-looking robot named MIRA (short for Mula Interactive Response Automation) (other meanings: prosperous in Hindi, wonderful in Latin, ocean in Sanskrit, peace in some Slavic languages). The mascot should encourage learning and saving as per our company principles. Able to express emotions well. Clean lines for easy adaptations.
Other adjectives that we would like to use to describe our mascot include : digital, adaptable, intellectual, progressive, easygoing, freedom-loving, adventurous

(Previously we had started a competition on 99designs with no clear vision on what our mascot should be – we would like to thank everybody who participated and encourage you to join in our re-launched competition. We loved many of your designs but in the end decided on a different direction from the concepts that were submitted to us)

Date de publication : 2021-02-23 04:38:14