E-LEARNING: Business planning with projections in microvision | Microfinance

This course is primarily intended for (financial) decision makers of Microfinance Institutions, such as financial and general managers. However, it can be followed by anyone interested in knowing how to develop financial and social projections with Microvision.

To guarantee a successful completion of the course, Microfact recommends to:

  • Be comfortable with key performance indicators and the MFI Factsheet.
  • Dedicate around 4 hours per week for the training.
  • Have basic digital skills and access to a good internet connection.
  • Avoir accès à une tablette ou un ordinateur portable/ordinateur (suivre la formation sur les smartphones n’est pas possible).
  • Parler couramment l’une des langues du cours : anglais, français ou espagnol.

Date de publication : 2021-08-26 13:38:16