Ce Jeudi, webinar sur la microfinance… – Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund

LMDF interviewed Simone Uccheddu, Head of Investments at ADA – Appui au Développement Autonome – What changes are you noticing in MFIs as a result of the Pandemic and what support do ADA and LMDF provide?

As a result of the crisis, MFIs had to make huge efforts to improve their capacity to serve clients in remote areas and provide them with adequate services, going beyond the traditional face to face relationships that have been a key aspect of microfinance operations. We expect this process of change to continue over the next years. On the investment side, ADA and LMDF have been particularly active in supporting MFIs facing difficulties, by committing to a pledge setting a sustainable and responsible framework to react to the effects of the COVID crisis, and thereby contributing to best practices in restructuring cases…

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Date de publication : 2020-12-24 08:24:11